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All About Us

Artistic Origins

Welcome to children art and nature where my goal is to capture the eye of many people with stunning pictures from all over! On this website you may also find yourself looking at eye catching sketches. Childrens Art and Nature is not only a place to admire the works of nature but also enjoy the peace that my art may give you.

The Team

Who We Are

Welcome to Children Art and Nature where we love connecting people to their community. Here at Children Art and Nature we take any chance to show many young artists work whether it's an abstract painting or a beautiful photo of nature! We inspire artists of all ages to reach out into their community and think outside the box.

Danialle Crofoot

Owner/Creator & Inspired Artist

From the moment she got her first sketch book, Danialle Crofoot knew her passion for life would grow.  She decided to rebuild this website as a way to showcase her passion and love for nature and art; as well as a way to help others discover a passion they may have.  She created this website as a way for others to be able to connect to nature or the abstract way of art.

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Stephen Crofoot

Creative Director

Stephen realized Danialle had a great interest in photography at a very early age.  He himself is also a photographer for the Military and wanted to take his knowledge to help her grow her abilities and passion even more.

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The Online Home for Artists

Strength in Collaboration

When they work with children art and nature, artists can focus less on the business behind their pieces and more on actually making art. Our shop makes it easy for artists to display and sell their art on a popular platform, managing all the logistics and publicity. Be sure to contact us if you’re an artist interested in selling your work or have questions about our featured collections.

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